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Author: RGA

RGA on Crocamole!

Yesterday we had an exciting day of filming for another Channel 10 'Crocamole' episode! This episode focuses on all things bendy and who better to feature than our acrobats and gymnasts. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to be notified of the air date and see who else was featured in the segment!...

Winner of Acro QLD Cup 2017

Robertson Gymnastics Academy again is rewarded with the Winner of the Acro QLD Cup for the 11th year in a row! Congratulations to all our athletes for their amazing work! This wouldn't be possible without each and every one of them....

Men’s Acro Team Compete in Worlds

Our Men's group had an absolute blast competing at The World Games 2017 and we couldn't be prouder of their efforts! They competed for two very clean routines and held their own against seasoned professionals. The boys ended up placing 6th overall and were honoured to have represented Australia at such a prestigious event....